Not quite as bad as having your liver eaten by an Eagle.

June 25, 2012 § 2 Comments

I went and saw “Prometheus”  the semi-prequel to the “Aliens” movies the other day. I would give it a B-. It’s a good film but it could have been so much better. First let me say it is a gorgeously shot movie. Mr Scott and company spent their millions well in that department. The film and all its surrounding scenery are highly realistic looking and that is also its major flaw as well. It appears to be a film in love with it’s self. They know they have a great looking film and they want to make damn sure you know it to. Unlike the original Aliens movie where the scenery and effects were good but not the star of the movie in this film you never really get lost in the film as the film is constantly reminding you just how good it is, it’s distracting. The plotting and pacing of the movie don’t help either. There is to much set up for a movie where most of your audience already knows where the ending is headed. Let’s see – we got your confused synthesized man who you know is going to be trouble somewhere along the line, we got your corporate suit who you know is going to die a nasty death, we got eerie settings where something just might jump out at you from the dark at any moment, Though the fact not much of anything does jump out at you till the end of the movie is also part of the problem with this film. The”Aliens” movies have always been fun scare rides, this time Mr. Scott seems to be trying to get a bit more philosophical, though it never really comes across as anything you haven’t seen before in countless other movies or for that matter even a dozen or so episodes of “Star Trek”. I would be interested in knowing if Mr. Scott always had this origin in mind for the “Alien” species as it seems to me to go against everything the other movies had put forth and just thrown together for this new movie.  I have criticized “Prometheus? quite a bit here and I think it’s mainly because I was just expecting so much more than I got from it. It is a good film and if your a sci-fi fan or an effects fan go see it and if your an Aliens fan there is no question you should go see it , just don’t expect a great film and you will be fine. Oh one last thing. Kudos for the original take on the obligatory “chest-buster” scene. That was well done and my favorite scene in the whole film and the only time I really felt any kind of real scare.


Random Stuff in no particular order.

June 8, 2012 § Leave a comment


Not sure what it is about the Snow White story that is making it so popular all of a sudden. I guess its true what they say about Hollywood that as soon as one studio decides to do a story another one is sure to follow with something similar.  My roommate Christy likes this story so not only do we watch “Once Upon A Time” on tv but we have seen both “Mirror Mirror ” and ” Snow White and The Huntsman” in the theater.  I was looking forward to “The Huntsman” movie as the previews looked interesting and appeared to be a bit of a different take on the story.  “Mirror Mirror’ came out first and is a pretty good movie. Above average and worth going to see in the theater. It’s a bit over the top at times but overall it’s a funny retelling of the old story and at least in this movie they do a better job of explaining  how their Snow becomes a fighting bad-ass unlike The Huntsman where were supposed to believe Snow becomes this Joan of Arc style fighter after one brief knife fighting lesson all of this after being locked up in a tower for twelve years as well.  But back to Mirror Mirror , of the two movies I liked this one the best. Which was a bit of an unexpected surprise for me.  Mirror Mirror at least knows what it is and sticks to its story if it falls short a few times. Those moments never last for long and your soon laughing and enjoying yourself again. Kudos to Nathan Lane as the put upon Queens helper. The Huntsman on the other hand can not seem to make its mind up. At one point it’s a comedy, then an action adventure and at the end wants to be an epic Medieval War Story.  Again it’s not a bad movie , all the actors do their parts well. But it really could have used some serious editing and tightening up. It spends so much time using every fantasy cliché available that the important pieces never really have time to develop and your just supposed to take everything on faith without any really good character development or reason to believe. In final analysis go see Mirror Mirror in the theater save The Huntsman  for a rental or at least go see it at a cheap theater like we did.

Once Upon A Time the TV show has been the best retelling of the Snow White story so far though. It’s  well thought out and the story has revealed itself at a good pace throughout each episodes story. Obviously the luxury of not having to shoehorn the story into a ninety minute time frame helps this story but they have managed to keep each individual story interesting something many TV shows fail to do.  It has kept me wanting to see more every week as you watch the overall story head towards its obvious conclusion. I guess this is why the writers of the show decided to throw a curve-ball in the season finale. The evil queen was beaten and love had cured everything as usually happens in a Snow White story but in the last-minute Mr. Gold sends an ominous black cloud over the proceedings. I hope the writers on this show haven’t screwed things up with this idea. I realize they needed something to give the second season some excitement and a reason for people to keep watching I am just not so sure this sudden curve-ball was the right way to go about it. But I will be there watching when the show comes back from hiatus to see just how it all plays out. A shout out to Bill Willingham as    Once Upon A Time obviously borrows its basic  concept from his “Fables” comic book  and then goes off on its own from there.


I am sure you all have heard about the Trayvon Martin George Zimmerman case. A sad tale in all respects. Two people’s life’s needlessly ruined.  I think Mr. Zimmerman will serve many years in jail and rightfully so as  he killed an unarmed person in a fight that he had no reason to cause. Mr Martin may have been up to foul play that night or he may have just been going from one place to another. We will never know now because Mr Zimmerman decided to ignore the only link to the true authorities he had when he was told that it wasn’t necessary for him to follow Mr. Martin. If Mr Martin was up to no good Mr. Zimmerman had already done his  duty as a neighborhood watchmen and kept anything from happening and alerted the police to what he believed to be a suspicious  person. You can spin it anyway you want but after that point he looses all claims of self-defense in my book.  If a strange man came up to be at night hollering and shouting and carrying a gun. I would defend myself as well and regardless of what Mr. Martin may have been doing that night in this particular situation we have an unknown adult male attacking a young man in the middle of the night. Seems to me Mr. Martin would be the one who had any rights under this   Stand Your Ground law not Mr. Zimmerman. The fact that Mr. Zimmerman apparently got in over his head and was getting his butt kicked still does not excuse his shooting of Mr. Martin as he started the whole unnecessary fight.

I don’t like the idea of these Stand Your Ground Laws. To me they seem unnecessary and potentially more harmful to honest citizens than beneficial.  Americans have always had the right to defend themselves from any attacker. What you do not have is the right to start a fight and then claim self-defense.  This law just seems ripe for abuse  to me.  It seems like a rule that would allow more crimes than it prevents. What happens when some gangbanger shoots an undercover cop and then claims he didn’t know it was a cop?


Yeaaa. It’s the return of the trivia contest.  As usual prizes will be a mish mash of whatever I have on hand and I am judge and jury on any questions or problems that might arise.  So the first question for this month is a bit of a doozy. In the following picture use the images provided to find the name of a classic Japanese manga. Jeez I am to nice to you guys. I practically gave it away there.


YEAAAA( in my best Kermit the Frog voice) two questions in one day.

Name where the following quotes come from.

“still searching for the answers to life’s most persistent questions.”

“working on mysteries without any clues.”

Why Write

November 11, 2011 § 2 Comments

Why Write

In a recent post on his Facebook page one of the things a friend of mine listed me as was a writer. Frustrated writer I suppose would be more truthful. First and foremost I am a thinker and observer of what goes on around me. My mind is constantly running at least one thought through endless scenarios and combinations and usually multiple thoughts at any given time. It’s a trait that can be both useful and troublesome. Another friend once told me I would make a good counselor because I saw more answers to problems she was having than she did herself and in situations like that my thought process can be a useful trait but it’s also easy to get lost in the thoughts and spend to much time trying to find the best way of doing everything and never actually getting anything done

I suppose it’s fairly common for people who like to read and have a good imagination to want to write as well and I fall into this category like ,many of you. Though most of my stories remain in my head or just as quick notions written down in various notebooks. As I told my friend once I can come up with the big ideas easily, original plot twists and fleshing out whole worlds for the characters in my stories, it’s the actual conversations between said characters that always seem unreal to me.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons I started blogging back on yahoo( and I still miss 360) as in some ways my blog posts tend to be a bit easier to get out of my head as they are generally more factual in nature and don’t require creating whole new worlds even though they do allow me to strectch the mind a bit and get creative something I have always enjoyed.

Reading that post has inspired me to get back at it. I finally pulled the opening sequence to an idea that has been peculating in my brain for some time out of my head and put it down into words and if I say so myself it is quite an interesting opening paragraph. But more will surely come as I am challenging myself to write something every day whether it’s a piece of a story or a blog post or “something completely different“. I like the challenge of creating something interesting and it helps clear out my thought process and let me move on to fresh ideas. It’s icing on the cake if you guys find my writings interesting as well but in the end I do it for myself because I enjoy it.

Today’s trivia question is even easier than yesterdays and no it’s not a trick question.

Who is your favorite author?

Extra point if you tell us why you like them.

Have a creative day everyone.

Interesting Times

November 9, 2011 § 3 Comments

Living in in interesting times indeed. I hope everyone went out and exercised  their right to vote yesterday as I did. I mainly went  to vote on the referendum  to repeal Ohio senate bill 2 which was Ohio’s version of the union busting bills that have been put into place in several states lately, taking away state employees right to collective bargaining and making it illegal for them to go on strike amongst other things. I am very pleased to say that the referendum passed and senate bill 2 will now be taken off the books and not only that it passed but that it passed in such an overwhelming manner that even our esteemed governor John Kasich had to acknowledge it and eat a bit of  humble  pie. Something I am sure that wasn’t easy for him as he is so sure of himself that like several other republican governors he recently turned down  millions of dollars from President Obama’s stimulus package that could have helped many out of work Ohioans. As even while he demanded that others take pay cuts with his support of this bill he is willing to refuse money  that could extend many Ohioans unemployment benefit’s , money that thousands of Ohio businesses could have greatly used as well. But back to the subject at hand. My concern was not whether some state employees were making too much money and needed to pay more on their insurance plans or even whether or not it would make it harder for first responders to do their jobs  These were  side issue for me .Important issues to be discussed but not the main reason this bill had to be repealed. Oh and just as a side note, being state employees themselves the politicians who passed senate bill 2 made sure to exempt themselves from it so that they could keep their salaries and the say so over whether they can give themselves raises or not.

I just did not want any government body in America and  especially  not one in the sate I live in taking more rights away from any American citizens. The whole idea sickens me. That elected politicians would and can take away hard-earned rights from any citizen of this country for any reason just blows my mind. Where does it ever stop once it gets started?  Do people really think that if given a chance politicians will not extend these kinds of measures into the private sector? I was really amazed that the issue of a government body taking away a set group of people’s rights didn’t get more play in the debate over this issue not even from the people who were trying to repeal the bill. The politicians who passed the bill framed it as an issue over money though in the end it got framed mainly as a safety issue with both sides claiming that their view would help firefighters and policemen and the other sides view would hurt them. On a personal level I agree that many state employees could pay a higher insurance premium more inline with what non state employees pay but I think that should be hammered out in legal negotiations not forced down people’s throats by some committee of politicians.

Ohio’s politicians might want to take a look at my home state of  Kentucky’s newly reelected governor Steve Beshear. While the 10% of their salary he  and six other members of his administration gave back to the state more than likely isn’t going to cause them much hardship or save the state’s budget as a symbol it was apparently quite powerful.  Lead By Example not by cowardly games and unfair legislation.

On a more local note. People in my own county also chose to continue to help the elderly and people with mental health issues. I am proud they chose to do what was right rather than take the easy way out in difficult times. At least for one day it was good to see that people can still put their own interests aside and help someone else.

On that note we start a new month of trivia questions with this easy one.

What country is known for the curse “May you live in interesting times”.?


July 20, 2011 § 6 Comments

The image with this post was taken a few weeks ago when I was waiting to get into a local business. Having 15 minutes to kill and the pup with me I decided to let him stretch his legs a bit. So were going up and down the sidewalk when the pup starts going from door to door scratching to get into each of them. He stops at one door and is pawing at it like crazy. Finally I bend down to see if there is something inside the door I am not seeing when I see his image reflected in the door. The poor pup thinks there is another dog behind the door and he can’t get to it. I have a good laugh and take a picture of the pup and his image and go on about my business. Then about a week later the pup is napping on my bed when he

jumps up and starts barking like someone was attacking him. I look to where he is looking and realize he sees himself in the mirror hanging in the front of the bed. After the pup settled down I got to thinking about these incidents.

A four-legged animals line of sight isn’t really designed to allow them to see their own bodies easily therefore the whole idea of self-image kinda goes out the window and helps explain why the mooch doesn’t recognize his own image. This got me thinking, what if humans had no self- image. If we didn’t have a set image of ourselves would we then judge others based on their looks as much as we do now and if we didn’t judge others on their image would we pick better leaders than we do now? What say you? Better or worse?

Weekend Reading

July 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

Greetings – everyone. I just finished reading one of the books I got when a local Borders went out of business. It will eventually end up in a care package for one of the soldier’s supported by . But as you can see by the picture Fred and the rest of the gang are reading it now.

It’s written by a famous author who has had many bestsellers in his career. I have been reading his stories since my science teacher in high school introduced me to his writing. I stoped reading his books for awhile after he left my favorite charecter hanging and never put out a third book in that series.

This book is a scifi/horror/action novel which I tend to prefer to the authors horror novels. The book was an interesting read though I didn’t know at the time I bought it that it was the fourth book in the series and the start of a new story as the original villian was killed in the third book in the series. The story overall is well written with interesting charecters and a good plot but it has too many lead charecters. Everytime something interesting would start to happen the story would switch to another place and different people involved in the story. It was a good quick read for a setup for the rest of the story but I hope the author gets his charecters together quickly in the next book or this story is going to get very tiresome very fast.

As you may have noticed I didn’t mention the name of the book I was reviewing. That is because you have to figure it out for yourself with the clues I gave you.

Todays trivia question is

What book is Fred reading to his buddies?

Have a storied kind of day out there.

You Look Like A Monkey;)

September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Thanks for all the Happy Wishes over on FB.

Todays trivia questions are about two of my friends who happen to share my birthdate. The fact they are both very cool people who also love music just goes to show what a great day it is and I say this even though neither one of them currently read this blog. Though that does mean we can talk about them all we want to.

What do one of Sara’s kids and the current Star Wars movies have in common?

What famous Ohio bluesman does Ruth think is the greatest blues rock player ever?

If you do not know the answers right offhand logic and having paid attention the last few years will help.

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