Video App Reviews.

April 30, 2013 § Leave a comment

Reviews of some alternatives to the traditional boob tube. I mainly use the following apps. on my xbox360 and sometimes on my laptop but they are also available on several other devices you can use to stream video to your tv. with the Roku box being the most popular of these devices.

Hulu/Plus – This is my go to app. With me working nights and usually napping during the Prime Time tv hours Hulu/Plus lets me catch up on anything I missed the next day or several days later at my convenience it also has the added benefit of making you sit through less commercials than you would watching  any tv. program live though you don’t actually have to sit and watch them you do have to let the commercials at least play out if you want to continue watching your program. Shows I have watched on Hulu/Plus include The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Once Upon A Time, Master Chef, Bet On Your Baby and many others. Regretfully not all the tv networks shows are on Hulu/Plus or any other video streaming app for that matter as many of the big television networks like the music industry before them are trying to derail apps like this instead of embracing them as the wave of the future that they are. But be that as it may be Hulu/Plus is one of two video apps that I am willing to pay to use.

Netflix -Still the biggest name in this field  and the second app I pay to use..I have been a Netflix member on and off for several years now. I do not use Netflix to watch many movies these days or subscribe to their DVD service currently instead like Hulu I use it to watch tv shows I have missed though Netflix is more of an archival service you can’t watch a show from last night on it but they do have  complete seasons of more tv. shows than any other app that I am aware of ranging from shows like Dr. Who and Dexter to Network classics like Cheers and Magnum P.I. and current fan favorites like  The Walking Dead.. If you want to catch up on a show you missed the first time it was on Netflix is still probably your best bet.


Viggle- Viggle isn’t a video streaming app like the other two services I have already mentioned. Think of it as a modern Nielson Survey for the mobile phone crowd with real rewards. You download the app to your iphone with version 4.3 or greater  or Android powered phone.with version 2.2 or greater. When you are watching tv. you “check in” by tapping the app which then listens to your tv program for a few seconds and matches the audio from your tv show to a list of  shows that are on your cable provider. Once it finds your show it begins giving you points at the rate of one per minute for each minute the show will be on from that point on. Some Prime Time shows and sporting events also have live trivia you can play to earn even more points. I have seen some people complain online about the type of rewards ( mainly gift cards and free months to services like Hulu ) and that they do not always have enough of all the rewards available but considering it’s free and your getting it for doing something you were all ready going to do anyway personally I consider those complaints a bit of  the old sour grapes.  I have used points for three rewards so far and they were instantly given to me with no delays or hassles so I have no complaints with their service.

And now the first trivia question for the game that will run through May.

What movie was I streaming today that this quote is from?

” No need to panic. But I think you just swallowed Plan B”

All the usual rules apply:)

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