Not quite as bad as having your liver eaten by an Eagle.

June 25, 2012 § 2 Comments

I went and saw “Prometheus”  the semi-prequel to the “Aliens” movies the other day. I would give it a B-. It’s a good film but it could have been so much better. First let me say it is a gorgeously shot movie. Mr Scott and company spent their millions well in that department. The film and all its surrounding scenery are highly realistic looking and that is also its major flaw as well. It appears to be a film in love with it’s self. They know they have a great looking film and they want to make damn sure you know it to. Unlike the original Aliens movie where the scenery and effects were good but not the star of the movie in this film you never really get lost in the film as the film is constantly reminding you just how good it is, it’s distracting. The plotting and pacing of the movie don’t help either. There is to much set up for a movie where most of your audience already knows where the ending is headed. Let’s see – we got your confused synthesized man who you know is going to be trouble somewhere along the line, we got your corporate suit who you know is going to die a nasty death, we got eerie settings where something just might jump out at you from the dark at any moment, Though the fact not much of anything does jump out at you till the end of the movie is also part of the problem with this film. The”Aliens” movies have always been fun scare rides, this time Mr. Scott seems to be trying to get a bit more philosophical, though it never really comes across as anything you haven’t seen before in countless other movies or for that matter even a dozen or so episodes of “Star Trek”. I would be interested in knowing if Mr. Scott always had this origin in mind for the “Alien” species as it seems to me to go against everything the other movies had put forth and just thrown together for this new movie.  I have criticized “Prometheus? quite a bit here and I think it’s mainly because I was just expecting so much more than I got from it. It is a good film and if your a sci-fi fan or an effects fan go see it and if your an Aliens fan there is no question you should go see it , just don’t expect a great film and you will be fine. Oh one last thing. Kudos for the original take on the obligatory “chest-buster” scene. That was well done and my favorite scene in the whole film and the only time I really felt any kind of real scare.


§ 2 Responses to Not quite as bad as having your liver eaten by an Eagle.

  • When i talked to my daughter, who saw it at midnight on opening, she said it was “pretty” but the plot has too many holes. I will wait for the video.

    • catlst says:

      Hmm. That is pretty accurate though I wouldn’t say it has holes so much as they just blow through certain points and your left to wonder if you guessed right or not. I suspect this was because they seem to be setting up a new series of movies with “Prometheus” and don’t want to give the whole story away yet. But in the meantime it makes for some very annoying moments in this film.

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