July 20, 2011 § 6 Comments

The image with this post was taken a few weeks ago when I was waiting to get into a local business. Having 15 minutes to kill and the pup with me I decided to let him stretch his legs a bit. So were going up and down the sidewalk when the pup starts going from door to door scratching to get into each of them. He stops at one door and is pawing at it like crazy. Finally I bend down to see if there is something inside the door I am not seeing when I see his image reflected in the door. The poor pup thinks there is another dog behind the door and he can’t get to it. I have a good laugh and take a picture of the pup and his image and go on about my business. Then about a week later the pup is napping on my bed when he

jumps up and starts barking like someone was attacking him. I look to where he is looking and realize he sees himself in the mirror hanging in the front of the bed. After the pup settled down I got to thinking about these incidents.

A four-legged animals line of sight isn’t really designed to allow them to see their own bodies easily therefore the whole idea of self-image kinda goes out the window and helps explain why the mooch doesn’t recognize his own image. This got me thinking, what if humans had no self- image. If we didn’t have a set image of ourselves would we then judge others based on their looks as much as we do now and if we didn’t judge others on their image would we pick better leaders than we do now? What say you? Better or worse?

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  • Janie says:

    Well, there was no image with my copy of your post. However, I think you are right…I think we would pick better leaders if we didn’t have images of them. Just look at our history…most of the past presidents would never have been elected (in my opinion) if people could have easily seen their images. Before modern media, people elected officials based on the written word…what others had to say about them, and what the candidate said themselves.

    And, if this wasn’t true…why would John Edwards feel he had to pay $500 for a hair cut?

    • catlst says:

      Sorry about the image issue janie. I am having issues getting them to load on the phone though yoou should be able to see at least one now. Thanks for the post. I agree it would be nice to get back to judging polictians on their whole platform rather than an 30 secind media bitr that usually isn’t even about them. As for hair. I wonder how much Trump pays for that mess on his head.

  • Janie says:

    Got it with both pictures this time! Thanks. I think Trump probably does it himself…no self-respecting hairdresser would touch that mess! The more money you have, the less you spend!

  • dory007 says:

    i had a dog used to attack his image in the mirror.

  • catlst says:

    The pup has gotten somewhat used to the mirrror at least he doesn’t bark at it now. That day though he was convinced another dog was here. When I set him on the floor so he wouldn’t see the reflection anymore. He went into the bathroom and behind the door with the mirror looking for the intruder who wasn’t there.

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