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The image with this post was taken a few weeks ago when I was waiting to get into a local business. Having 15 minutes to kill and the pup with me I decided to let him stretch his legs a bit. So were going up and down the sidewalk when the pup starts going from door to door scratching to get into each of them. He stops at one door and is pawing at it like crazy. Finally I bend down to see if there is something inside the door I am not seeing when I see his image reflected in the door. The poor pup thinks there is another dog behind the door and he can’t get to it. I have a good laugh and take a picture of the pup and his image and go on about my business. Then about a week later the pup is napping on my bed when he

jumps up and starts barking like someone was attacking him. I look to where he is looking and realize he sees himself in the mirror hanging in the front of the bed. After the pup settled down I got to thinking about these incidents.

A four-legged animals line of sight isn’t really designed to allow them to see their own bodies easily therefore the whole idea of self-image kinda goes out the window and helps explain why the mooch doesn’t recognize his own image. This got me thinking, what if humans had no self- image. If we didn’t have a set image of ourselves would we then judge others based on their looks as much as we do now and if we didn’t judge others on their image would we pick better leaders than we do now? What say you? Better or worse?


Weekend Reading

July 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

Greetings – everyone. I just finished reading one of the books I got when a local Borders went out of business. It will eventually end up in a care package for one of the soldier’s supported by . But as you can see by the picture Fred and the rest of the gang are reading it now.

It’s written by a famous author who has had many bestsellers in his career. I have been reading his stories since my science teacher in high school introduced me to his writing. I stoped reading his books for awhile after he left my favorite charecter hanging and never put out a third book in that series.

This book is a scifi/horror/action novel which I tend to prefer to the authors horror novels. The book was an interesting read though I didn’t know at the time I bought it that it was the fourth book in the series and the start of a new story as the original villian was killed in the third book in the series. The story overall is well written with interesting charecters and a good plot but it has too many lead charecters. Everytime something interesting would start to happen the story would switch to another place and different people involved in the story. It was a good quick read for a setup for the rest of the story but I hope the author gets his charecters together quickly in the next book or this story is going to get very tiresome very fast.

As you may have noticed I didn’t mention the name of the book I was reviewing. That is because you have to figure it out for yourself with the clues I gave you.

Todays trivia question is

What book is Fred reading to his buddies?

Have a storied kind of day out there.

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