You Look Like A Monkey;)

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Thanks for all the Happy Wishes over on FB.

Todays trivia questions are about two of my friends who happen to share my birthdate. The fact they are both very cool people who also love music just goes to show what a great day it is and I say this even though neither one of them currently read this blog. Though that does mean we can talk about them all we want to.

What do one of Sara’s kids and the current Star Wars movies have in common?

What famous Ohio bluesman does Ruth think is the greatest blues rock player ever?

If you do not know the answers right offhand logic and having paid attention the last few years will help.


In Remembrance

September 11, 2010 § 2 Comments

Todays question is an easy one.

What singer that was a senior at my high school alma mater my freshman year sang the song that the words on the top part of the memorial in the picture are from?

Bonus points if you can name his band.

i’m to tired to think of a title

September 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

Anyone seen a good movie lately? Well todays trivia question is about a man who chilled and thrilled most of us many times over,

In what movie did Alferd Hitchcock make his first cameo appearance?

Look out for E

Floating on the dock of the bay…

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Greetings one and all. Hope you didn’t labor to hard over the holidays.

Todays trivia question is a simple one really;) All I want is the name of a boat. Alas not just any boat though.

This historical steel hulled boat played a big part in the Spanish – American war and regretfully is in danger of sinking from neglet where she floats in a city on the eastern side of the country.

So todays question is. What is the naame of this boat?

P.S. Don’t forget you can answer any question anytine during the month they are posted. So it’s always anyones contest to win.

September 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

Greetings one and all. Hope your holiday weekend goes well. I am posting this one from my phone before hitting the sack.

So todays Trivia Question is,

What president created the official Labor Day holiday?

Be carefull of stray sesame street characters out there today everyone.

Congrads To My Favorite Wv. Redhead and Some Odds And Ends

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First and Foremost. Congrads to Carrie for winning the July Trivia Contest. It might even be her first time competing?

This is also a good time to rehash the rules.  Prizes will be awarded. Prizes are whatever I happen to have on hand at any given moment, usually some mixture of reading material and snackage tailored to the winners preferences if I know what they are.  Prizes will be sent to the winner or a person of their choosing.  As most of the people who have read this blog over the years are my troop support buddies most of the prizes have gone overseas to one combat zone or another. But it isn’t a requirement per se.  Prizes are running a bit behind these days. Not working really sucks.

Oh yeh  this is all about having fun. There is no rule against using the internet to find the answer to the questions I post or for that matter posting your answers in a post. Though you risk helping someone beat you if you do that and if you take those answers you risk getting a wrong answer of course. If you do not want everyone seeing your answers, you can send them to me in any of the usual channels, message me here, email, facebook, etc.

I am going to get a post up in the next few days giving the correct answers to all the trivia questions since I started this new version of the blog and will try to answer them at the end of each month in the future. I know back when the readership was a little  higher several of you requested this.

So once again Congads to Carrie. Waves to E.,B., J.and R. wherever she is these days.:)

Fear Of The Dark

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I’m sitting here watching one of my favorite bands on VH1 classics at a friends house by computer and tv. light.

So today’s trivia question is.

What band am I watching?

It’s the first question of the month so I am loading it with clues including the background picture.

Everyone have a Killer day.

P.S.  Bonus Point for naming the “person” in the picture.

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